Road Trips…

Being in a car, going somewhere I’ve never been; brings me joy. Just the mystery of what will happen, who will you meet… Being with friends is the best part, being able to share these special moments with people who just brighten your day, and never fail to make you laugh.

Day one is always the best. The car ride, listening to loud music, a new place, getting settled in, and planning the adventures for the days to come.

Day two is like a new beginning. Looking around the new town, getting your first tan while soaking in your new surroundings. That night going on a walk to the beach near the place we stayed. Bringing back childhood memories.

Day three is for adventure. Going to a hidden beach, like a little hide away. Getting sand everywhere from trying to play beach volleyball while not paying full attention. Then going back to the villa and playing cards and pretending we know what we are doing with our lives.

Day four is for hiking to new heights. Going from a gravel road to the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. From native trees to water falls, making friends along the way (even if they are high)… Then going to castle rock and your mum making new friends, to climb high into the clouds… literally. ┬áTaking cute photos we will never delete and while walking down making jokes we will never forget.

Day five is the saddest. All packed up and ready to leave. Making a few stops on our journey home. Comparing tan lines and recalling our favorite parts.

The tan lines may fade but the memories never will.

Thanks for reading…

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