My getaway…

10 days in paradise. I’ve never wanted anything more. Time away from everyone. From everything. I never knew 10 days would be to long.

Day one: Bliss, no one knew each other. So many friendships could be made.

Day two: People were finding there way around getting lost every now and then. Very few people had made friends, more like a 10 second conversation in the elevator than never to be seen again.

Day three: The first island. People started seeing each other more regularly. Some connections were made. As for me, I was on a beautiful french island, went snorkeling for the first time, and had an amazing tour of the vast landscape.

Day four: Another island. Snorkeling. And lots of laughs, a lesson learnt was ‘don’t point at fish, they don’t really like it’ thanks Bronwyn for that one…

Day five: Yet another island. Groups were crowing, and I continued to go snorkeling with my family. This day was different we went on a boat and snorkeled in the middle of a lagoon. Things got interesting when I saw a sea snake but its all part of nature. I also got the opportunity to hold a turtle which was amazing, the little things are so cute.

Day six: Snorkeling off a beach, beautiful scenery. So close to the end. The nightmare that could happen was being put into action, groups. Friends. And I sat alone…

Day seven: The last island , we decided to do our own thing, as it was the smallest island we couldn’t really get lost as you could see both sides of the island at all times. By now I just wanted to go home. The warm embrace of my bed, with my dog nicely cuddled up next to me. My bird chirping away. The school yard of teenagers becoming more present day by day.

Day eight: Sea day. Waves causing the slights wobble to my walk making me look drunk at ten in the morning. This day was difficult, my long for home was incredible. Just to be away from all the rich kids thinking they are the top dogs. To be back to gossip, and laughs with my friends.

Day 9: The last day. The boring day. Packing. Reading over the homework I should have done. Getting lost in my thoughts on the sun lounger. The worst day led to the best night. Music everywhere you went. The atrium full of moving body’s, singing along to every song. Lots of eye contact but no words…

Day 10: The hardest and easiest part. Getting off. As much as I wanted to go back to my tropical paradise I missed my home. All good things have to come to an end, and it was time this one did.


The truth is everywhere you go there will be friendships. People will make friends, and I just wanted to get back to mine.

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