I fell hard, and you weren’t there to catch me.

I know im stupid and childish, but I have to be while I can. I am young so why not be a little stupid? Why not fall hard? There is nothing to lose. I admit I did wrong but so did you, no I’m not saying this is your fault because it isn’t but you cant get mad at me when you left. How do you think I feel? Put yourself in my shoes. I fell, no doubt about that. But man you fucked with my brain. “We are just friends.” “You don’t show enough affection.” “If he asks you’re my sister.”

Then you find an upgrade so you pass me on and say he will make me happy… The truth is I was so unsure of what happy was. You made me happy but it sure as hell wasn’t right. Him, Your friend, He was nice but he wasn’t you. You made it known to me that she made you happy. You showed me every time you two talked, You let me know you had moved on; but I was still attached to this idea that you and I would work.

See you are the closest I have gotten to a guy. I had countless of dreams of you and I being the college sweethearts, of you and I being that couple that everyone wants be. But it was all just a dream wasn’t it? I didn’t want to face reality because I knew it wasn’t going to work, but look at me now… Everyday trying to fix it, everyday trying to get something that will never happen.

I know I must move on but how can one day someone mean so much to you, and not even a month later you are being told to move on. I believe that if someone once meant a lot to you, you shouldn’t let them go easily… obviously I meant nothing to you.


I’m sorry for trying but stop leading me on. One second you say I annoy you and the next you want to fix shit. Please stop and think, make up your mind before you wreck mine. I over think everything. You know that. So stop making me do the thinking. Make up your mind for once and stick to it.



Sorry for being pathetic, I’ll be positive soon.

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