Highs and Lows…

Days come and go. They are good and bad.

Recently more bad than good. Something so stupid making me cry myself to sleep almost every night. The nightmare of not being able to go to nationals slowly becoming a reality. Nothing is getting better.

Not wanting to go to school becoming a day to day event. My bed holding me hostage every day. Boredom takes over my days as I sit in the classes full of empty bodies, the emotionless humans surround me. I cant escape.

Why is everyone so annoying. Talk to much, to loud, to in my business. New person… we’ll call her Dorothy. I feel like she wants to wreak my life. The one time im happy she comes along and sticks her makeup covered face in my business. I’m over it. ┬áCan she please leave me alone. Being a friend you are supposed to want me to be happy but I feel like you just want to break me apart.


At a low in life. Over it. Just want to be happy.

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