Music is my life. I play guitar, a little piano and I sing. Without music I wouldn’t be able to cope with anything life has thrown at me. Moving to New Zealand with a different accent to what kiwis are used to caused me to get bullied a lot. getting bullied caused me to become very shy and lost within myself.

When I was in year 5 I met this girl we will just call hear Rose. she was my best friend, we lived close to each other and were always with each other. In year 8 we started splitting up, she was hanging with her friends and I was with mine. when her and I split I had no one. i still don’t. everyone is so excited about school starting soon but im not, im petrified. just the thought of the first morning tea not having anywhere to go. the chaos of everyone finding their friends and i will be standing with no where to go.

that’s where music helps me. when im lost i just go to the music rooms. That’s how i get out of classes, not that im trying to get out of class. music is my escape. When i have no one i just go sit somewhere and plug in my headphones.

Having no one to talk to, to gossip with.

Recently I found someone. we will never be able to say we have been friends since kindy. but we will be able to say that we have grown together and that we have learnt a lot through each other. she has her friends but is always so welcoming and I fell like i can actually talk to someone.

what im trying to say is you might feel like you have no one, and that life will never get better. but look around, smile at a stranger try make a friend and don’t give up. try out for a sports team, try something new…

thanks for reading.

Enjoy your life.

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