getting away…

As the rain falls at this late hour I can only dream of whats happening on Monday. The new experience. out of the country, and away from all this drama.

Going to a country I haven’t been before. ticking them off one by one.

A cruise to a summer paradise.

The only thing I hate is leaving. Not Being able to talk to my friends, or share my experiences. Recently I have talked to people who I haven’t talked to in ages, its annoying how when we just started talking im going for a month.

straight after getting back from the cruise i get the chance to go to Great Barrier island for 16 days. im excited to see what the future holds…

Tomorrow/today ( 11/03 ) is my amazing sisters birthday. I love her to bits. She is my best friend. She will always be there for me when i am down and I for Her.

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