I’m new to all this so not sure how it goes. Basically im a normal teenager going through everything life throws at me. I was born in Capetown South Africa, which made moving here a blessing but also a curse. I love New Zealand and its beautiful scenery but having all my family in South Africa is hard, Christmas doesn’t feel the same, birthdays involve no calls to grandparents or uncles and aunties.

Life in New Zealand is fun, mums is finally trusting me to stay out of the house when its dark, something kiwis take for granted. But living here has given me a lot of new sight into the world, moving to a country that is the polar opposite to what im used to has helped me make sure i don’t take stuff for granted.

Have an amazing day, don’t forget to smile.

“our love is like the wind, i cant see it but i can feel it…”

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