Im over it…

I’m over putting 100% into someone and not getting at least 50% back. This isn’t just about guys, its about friends as well. I always put so much into everyone and everything. People my age don’t do that. People in general don’t do that.

Have you ever wanted to change something so bad that every night you cry because of it. because same.

I don’t know why im like this and normally people will say ” and I don’t care” but the truth is I do; I care. I have lost so many people because of this. It kills me.

I worry more about what others say and think about me I would change anything and everything. I wore makeup to school; all because someone looked at me the wrong way. Or what I think is the wrong way.

Everybody says “don’t think about what others say about you” but the truth is I have tried, and I cant. Every time some one merely looks at me I over think it and go nuts trying to think up some crazy reason why they looked at me. Even if they didn’t look at me and were just scanning to find someone.

idk im probably crazy.

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